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Electronic devices became part of our lives and our vehicles using many of them to assist drivers in controlling vehicle behavior on road and to provide us more convenient drive with automatic temperature control, lane assist, autonomous emergency braking etc.

That is why it is very important to have qualified technicians servicing your vehicle and using correct tools for every system check for proper operation and to perform adjustments if needed.

Starting at most important electronic brake assist all the way to multi zone controlled air-conditioning, electronics is important part of your vehicle. We are regularly training our staff at world recognized automotive learning centers to assure our customers will receive best service and any problems including any electronic system will be rectified immediately and without a need for replacing random parts.

Most of the brand new parts will not work until they are properly programmed, coded and adapted to a vehicle.  Not so long ago simple generic scan-tool was enough for MAF reset, or EGR adaptation. Since introduction of EuroV and EuroVI standards in European vehicles for most repairs where DPF/SCR system needs to be activated/calibrated it is mandatory to have direct access to the manufacturer’s server to finish repair successfully.

As we want our customers to have the best possible service we always have active subscriptions with all brands present in the Australian market.

Some of services which are most popular and demanding on the market are ECU reset/programming, key programming, transmission electronic plate adapting, ABS coding, A/C teaching in and so on . We can finish most of these operations during the same business day and with very competitive prices we can get your vehicle on the road fast.

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