The best or nothing


The best or nothing


The best or nothing

Mercedes-Benz spare keys start at $250

Professional service

Comprehensive diagnostic service

Latest models service and repairs

Mercedes-Benz specialized workshop is our practice for the last 14 years. To be qualified to service these state of the art vehicles it is required to have much more than just special tools.

Our technicians are trained overseas and have experience, knowledge and professional ethic required to finish most complicated tasks fast and affordable for newest models included.

Proudly we can assure you, your vehicle will be serviced and maintained according to the latest standards in the industry and we will even go a step further. With every service B our customers receive free cabin ozone disinfection worth $150!

Brake and suspension servicing including models with electronic assist, air-matic, and electric parking brake is common task usually done same business day.

Chassis stability and proper brake force distribution is most important vehicle safety system and it is very important to have all servicing and maintenance operations done according to the latest instructions.

Approved tools are used to finalize repairs with proper activation, calibration and successful test of each system implemented.

Transmission servicing, programming and coding allow our customers to use second hand plates including those using 7G plates which are common to fail with shaft speed sensor problem.

Our workshop was the first one in Australia providing aftermarket keys for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Since 2004 we are programming keys for passenger, light commercial and heavy vehicles.

Vehicles covered are ALL models from 1996 up to 2016. Including the most popular W203,W204,W207,W164,W166,W212,W221,W211,W245,W246,W176,W169,W218,CLA,GLC,GLA and so on….

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