Performance tuning

Just a little extra torque.

Performance tuning

Spin that turbo!

Chip-tuning, for your engine with your ECU

Up to 35% extra power with stage 1

Real results measured on Dyno

Dynamic throttle response

DSG shift strategy improvements

Chip tuning is remapping of your vehicle ECU software’s injection and boost map so you can gain more power at lower RPM and better fuel efficiency without replacing engine parts. Properly done chip-tuning will increase power, increase torque and provide you more dynamic throttle response.

DSG transmissions can be tuned as well and results can provide up to 8% faster shifting then without DSG tune.
For VW, BMW no warranty will be lost as we are not modifying factory digital signature and CVN and CAFD data will remain same.


With this type of tuning you are not affecting factory safe limits for engine lifespan or emission limits because we are not disabling any of factory installed systems for exhaust emission regulation. Most engines come with several different power outputs with same engine code and only difference is badge and how much horse power is unlocked for customer. We are able to remove limiters with competitive pricing.

DPF/EGR/Ad-blue off is available for racing purposes only.

Stage 2 tuning will require hardware improvements to the engine and for discussing this option we will need to make appointment to go thru list with you because every single project car is different, and different approach must be used to ensure great result within your budget.

You do know project car owns you?

Yes we understand

No expensive parts will be listed on invoice visible for your wife.

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